High Speed Servo Controller

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PI-10 is a high speed, ultra-stable, pure analog and easy to use PI servo controller. It provides two 180 degree out of phase signal input which can be implemented on either side-of-fringe lock or peak-fringe lock scheme. The sweep in, sweep amp and a 10V dc offset output function allow user to determine the locking point easily.

The int-hold function can be used in the application that must disable feedback for a short moment and then re-lock. Finally, the P, I and P+I output separately allows the integration of different feedback mechanism on a single servo controller possible.


  •  Quantum Optics
  •  Bose Einstein Condensation
  •  Atom and ion trapping
  •  Laser stabilization
  •  Frequency Metrology
  •  Pound-Drever-Hall Cavity locking

Product Specification

Figure 1: Waveform in Oscilloscope

Figure 2: Operation Setup