Ultra-Stable and High-Precision Temperature Controller

Display dtc03 v2

DTC03 is an ultra-stable and high precision temperature controller for scientific research. It is suitable for wavelength stabilization or wavelength turning of the laser diode by temperature through a thermo-electric cooler. The compliance voltage of DTC03 is larger then 6V. The maximum output current can be adjusted from 0.05A to 3A in the front panel. User can select 10k as the temperature sensor.The setting temperature and actual temperature are displayed in the front panel simultaneously. The temperature resolution is 1mK. User can set the PI parameter to adapt for different heat load. User can also control the object temperature remotely by applying an analog voltage to the external modulation input.

Product Features
  • Temperature coefficient: < 3mK/K
  • Temperature resolution: 1mK
  • mK adjustability for Tset
  • TEC output: ± 3A/18W
  • Temperature setting range: 7~100℃
  • Current limit resolution: 10mA
  • Temperature monitor output
  • Temperature modulation input

Product Specification

Figure 1. mK adjustability for the etalon temperature

Figure 2. Long term temperature stability of the etalon