Temperature Stabilized Fabry Perot Etalon for Rb spectral filtering

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FPE002B is a temperature-stabilized Fabry-Perot Etalon designed for spectral filtering in Rubidium experiment. The extinction ratio at 6.8GHz is -38dB.The mK adjustability of the temperature controller minimizes effort in the optimization of transmission. The ultra-stable temperature design allows time-consuming, photon-counting experiment. It is a convenient tool for EIT and quantum memory experiment.

Product Features
  • Plano-convex etalon geometry
  • 38dB extinction ratio at 6.8GHz
  • > 60% transmission
  • 18W temperature controller
  • Temperature coefficient 3mK/K
  • mK resolution of temperature
  • mK adjustability of temperature
  • Temperature monitor output
Product Specification

Figure 1. The transmission profile over full free spectrum range

Figure 2. mK adjustability for the etalon temperature

Figure 3. Long term temperature stability of the etalon